ATM x tahsin the good


ATM WOMEN: Tahsin the good is a first-generation Canadian, mother and multidisciplinary artist creating to inspire and uplift through her representative and message-based work. We partnered with Tahsin to create a custom collection of ATM fans drawing inspiration from her practice. In this interview she shares the inspiration behind the collection.

ATM OBJECTS: Tell us a bit about the collection?

"The collection is comprised of three distinct designs that incorporate words, collage, repetitive patterning, colour and my illustrative work."

What attracted you to the use of words?

"Words are powerful things and they have the ability to affect us on a cellular level, so I choose to use bold and positive ones. We can all use reminders of goodness and potentiality of power."

We love the delicate nature of the patterns in some of your designs - what leads you to create patterns?

"Delicate and repetitive patterns are meditative. Reflection and meditation require a return to self. An inward look. Internal reflection, understanding and love are the highest form of power. Once you’ve tapped into that you become untouchable. The visual of a woman with a fan in her hand waving it in that repetitive way has that sort of untouchability. And at the same time there is sisterhood, a collective banding together of those powerful unique individuals creates a force. The 'Faces' design is me recognizing the force that is us."

What women inspire you at the moment?

"I'm currently inspired by women who are speaking up and telling their individual stories. Taking ownership of their narrative and doing their best to put out positivity, whether through the art they produce to the words they speak or write to the physical action they take in their business endeavors. ATM some of those women are Alexandria Ocasio, Fariha Roisin, Kimberley Drew, Aurora James, and Fatimah Asghar. There are actually so many badass women doing the damn thing right now. The list could really go on and on. Also the potential of what my daughters can be, they will be phenomenal women and that is hella inspiring to me."

CULTURE: How does your cultural background inform your artistic practice?

"I’m a first generation North American raised in the 80s by immigrant parents from Kenya and Uganda in East Africa who from generations past came from Gujarat in India with strong ties to the middle east and Islamic culture. Faith is huge for me and is representative thematically and that stems from my religious and cultural upbringing. Like many people of diaspora, my identity is a smattering of things, and it plays a role in the visuals and concepts that I explore. Identity politics and race surface, but more importantly an idea of unity and humanity, love and acceptance play roles in my work."

tahsin the good tahsin the good

ATM x tahsin the good