Memory Work


Memory Work engages with ethical and moral questions around care and labour across time (past, present, and future) to question what a feminine economy could be. Memory Work is a collaboration between At the Moment and foresight studio From Later, with contributions from Toronto racialize women. Using strategic foresight methods, From Later developed this research-based future scenario to imagine new ways of defining, acknowledging, and valuing the wide spectrum of women’s work. Through the voices of local women, including Zaki Ibrahim, Mecha Clark, Nehal El-Hadi, Ananda Gabo, and Macy Siu, the soundscape portrays new roles of labour like the creative biologist, surrogate entrepreneur, cosmetic healer, purposeful placement officer, and environmental steward.

Listen to the soundscape and explore an image of Toronto in 2038 at Listeners are encouraged to use Memory Work as a resource, to question it and iterate on it, generating their own future experiences, visions, vignettes, and artifactsIt hopes to empower listeners to use it as material for meditation, and stimuli for imagining collective future memory together.