Can we talk about self-love for a second?

So much of the conversation surrounding love focuses on our relationships with others. This February, we asked three women to define self-love. Because as RuPaul says - "If you don't love yourself - how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" 


Alyssa Bertram Founder of @easyperiod

Q: What’s your definition of self-love?

A: Self-love to be is fully accepting myself exactly as I am right now. It means doing the things for myself that make me feel really nourished inside and out but being gentle on myself when I fall short

Q: What’s one tactic you’ve found useful to help you accept yourself?

A: This might sound corny but in my early twenties I read you can heal your life by Louise Hay and her mirror work really helped me. She asks you to look at yourself in the mirror and say "I love and accept you just the way you are." Another exercise of hers is to take a photo of yourself as a child and write to your younger self everything you needed to know back then. This kind of work has really helped me let go of negative perceptions of myself I've picked up along the way.



Jessica Sanchez, Creative, Founder Santa Isla

Q: What’s your definition of self-love?

A: "Self-love is an action. It’s about showing up for yourself on a daily.  when you’re about to eat, sleep, move, and just be still. Being present enough to be able to listen and feel what your body and heart needs and having enough courage and kindness to give it to yourself without compromises."

Q: What’s one tactic you’ve found useful to help you accept yourself?

A: "The one tactic I can give you is to realize that there is no one tactic to achieve self-acceptance. It’s a conscious effort and decision to honour yourself in all of the things that you do. Some days are harder than others but the more you practice honouring yourself by being present, the smoother the self-acceptance weaves into your consciousness."


Robin Lamarr, leader and student of mindful movement ⚡powering up @goodbodyfeel

 A: "Self-love is radical acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness - for all you are and all you have been. Self-love is finding a balance between honouring where you're at and being dedicated to the work required to ever evolve into who you're becoming. Self-love is acknowledging and believing in your gifts and in your capacity to change the world.

Q: What’s one tactic you’ve found useful to help you accept yourself?

A: Whenever I enter a mode of self-doubt or depreciation, I ask myself if that belief is actually coming from me, or from systems of oppression that have been ingrained or sold to me. Often it's the latter, and I tell that voice that it's boring. I then, at that moment, list at least 3 ways that prove I'm the shit. Or if I'm feeling less sassy, 3 ways that I'm adequate or surviving.

Affirmation + Mantra. Say it till you believe it.