It’s no secret that technology has changed our lives, but are we fully aware of the impact it’s had on our relationships and our everyday? From socializing to dating to money-making, it feels like social media is the center of our worlds. So what happens when you log off, or when you truly can’t?

At The Moment will host a panel discussion exploring the impact of social media on our lives, from the way it’s changed our behavior and our relationships and what we can do to manage it. You will hear from a diverse lineup of women who each have a unique way of managing and balancing their online worlds.


Our Panelists:

Hima is a cultural producer, designer and emerging artist in Toronto. Her work centers the art of gathering, designing brave space, and translating human values and emotions into immersive experiences that shift our internal worlds. 

We asked Hima what does logging off mean to you? 

“Logging off means reclaiming my presence - because that’s where all the good stuff happens.”

Nike Onile is an artist, small space expert and the Principal of 8OO SQ FT design firm. Despite her background in the sciences as a graduate of University of Toronto’s Biotechnology Program, her keen eye and relentless passion to explore the humanity in design has earned her a reputation amongst a new generation of pacemakers shaping Canadian cities.

We asked Nike what does logging off mean to you? 

"There is so much noise; so many options - good and bad; so much that we are constantly absorbing. Logging off for me means making the space to pause, take a few spiritual breathes and offer myself the gift of silence. There is so much that is said, and felt, in silence."

Anupa Mistry is a writer and producer living in Toronto. She is also the creator and host of Burn Out, a podcast about creative sustainability.

We asked Anupa what does logging off mean to you? 

"Boundaries: protecting myself from the distraction and emotional manipulation of social compliance and the attention economy. This keeps my stamina consistent so that I might be present and better connected to myself, loved ones, colleagues, and other citizens."

Moderated by Alica Hall Co-Founder of At The Moment

Location: private will be disclosed day of the event