Imagining The Futures of Women’s Work

In celebration of International Women’s Day, At The Moment and From Later will be presenting a keynote/panel on the futures of women’s work.

Going beyond the conversation on the impact of automation on the workforce, At The Moment invites creatives, technologists, and futurists to explore the impact of technology on what has traditionally been defined as women’s work.

Rooted in a discussion on trends that have emerged and shaken up economies of the past and present, panellists will discuss what women’s work will look like in 10-20 years. How will the role of women in the workforce change as economies respond to women’s needs? What are the social, technological, economic, and environmental drivers that will have an impact on work, workplaces, and work practices, and how certain are we that these drivers will become a reality?

Featured Speakers: 

Nehal El-Hadi - Writer & Researcher

Alexandra McCalla - Co-Founder @ AirMatrix

Radha Mistry - Foresight Practice Leader @ Autodesk

Maya Shoucair - Moderator - Diversity & Belonging @ Shopify

Macy Siu – Keynote Presentation – Foresight Strategist @ From Later

Alica Hall - Host – Co-Founder @ At The Moment


All proceeds will go to the exhibition, This Womxn's Work, which will be presented as part of Myseum Intersections in April 2020.