This Womxn’s Work

Led by From Later and At The Moment, This Womxn's Work will be a research-based exhibition exploring the past, present, and futures of women’s work in Toronto. Starting from a broad definition of work, including manual, cognitive, and emotional labour, we welcome submissions that consider expressions of women’s work through the prisms of class, gender, immigration, status, and race.


Themes, subjects, and areas of inquiry may include:

/ the politics and economics of unpaid care work

/ the historical and potential future role of women in manufacturing and construction

/ the relationship between labour gaps and immigration policy

/ the deskilling, reskilling, and upskilling of highly-trained newcomer women

/ gender parity and wage gap in the corporate work environment

/ automation of routine cognitive work in clerical support and service roles where women predominate

/ women’s roles in emerging high-growth fields such as professional, scientific, and technical services

/ increasing demand for social and emotional skills in the workforce

/ women’s role in entrepreneurship (and disproportionate access to venture capital)

/ women’s participation in the gig economy, flexible and remote work (including e-commerce entrepreneurship)



Artists of all media are invited to submit proposals that respond to the notion of women’s work and the immigrant/newcomer experience. 

From Later will lead the research process that informs the project. We will provide initial insights on the historical trajectory of women’s work, as well as emerging signals, trends, and drivers of change that may influence how the futures of women’s work might unfold. 

Three selected artists will work collaboratively with From Later and At the Moment to develop their expressions of women’s work in response to the initial research. We anticipate a close collaborative relationship with creative work sessions to take place in Toronto throughout December 2019 and January 2020.

This Womxn’s Work will feature the three artists’ work as part of an exhibit to be presented at Myseum: Intersections in April 2020. 



Artistic outputs may express or comment on (but will not be limited to):

/ the sounds of work 

/ images of work-in-progress 

/ places and spaces of work

/ artifacts or remnants of work (uniforms, tools & materials)

/ behaviours and affordances related to work

/ making, manufacturing, or construction (acts of work and labour, manual labour)

/ cognitive and emotional labour

/ modes of collaboration, working together, working alone together

/ wages and compensation, evaluations, documenting hours of work

/ tools for managing roles, responsibilities, tasks

/ articulations of work values, work ethic


3/ SITE 

Artists will be working with the project team to integrate research and creative outputs to create a site-specific installation experience. Location to be announced.



November 2019

Artists selection process

December 2019 - January 2020

Research and concept collaboration with From Later

Late January - March 2020

Art production

March 2020

Exhibition design

April 20 - 22, 2019

Exhibition installation on site

April 23 - 30, 2019

Exhibition as part of Myseum Intersections 2020

*Artists must be available to be in Toronto for the entirety of the installation and exhibition period.



This call is open to artists, artist collectives, designers, and makers at all career stages. Priority will be given to BIPOC women. All media are welcome, and emerging artists are especially encouraged to apply.



$1,000 artist fee. Additionally, we will work with selected artists to provide adequate workspace and resources, including materials costs.



Please complete the Application Form, with the following: 

/ name, contact, social handles

/ bio and Artist CV

/ a statement of interest (under 350 words)

/ images or links to your work



All proposals will be reviewed by the From Later and At the Moment project team. A shortlist of artists will be contacted, and the three selected artists will be notified by November 30, 2019.



Founded in 2016, From Later is a foresight studio based in Toronto. We monitor and make sense of change, developing clear-sighted and judicious futures perspectives. We develop tools and ways of working that augment our faculties for research, problem-solving, and creativity. We explore the capacities of art, science, theory, and strategy to address complex challenges.

At The Moment honours the collective strength of women who are breaking boundaries, using their voices and embracing who they are. We connect women to experiences that celebrate who they are. We share traditions and culture. We curate objects that are rooted in our history but redesigned for modern times. 

Myseum Intersections is an annual festival that will take place during the entire month of April, 2020. The festival explores intersectional perspectives of Toronto through collaborative exhibits, events, workshops and tours. Intersections aims to present a wide array of programming that we hope will create dialogue on civic issues and inspire a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the richness of our city.


For further information, please contact:

Natasha Singh, At The Moment: